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Studies in Oil

All studies are 9" x 12". The purpose of studies is to quickly paint subjects that might be larger paintings later. In addition, studies allow artists to acquire more mileage as a painter. After awhile, there gets to be quite a few of them. Rather than have them clutter up my studio, I prefer to sell them. They are original oil paintings carried to completion on a smaller scale. These studies are on archival-quality gessoed canvas board. Pricing is at the bottom of this page. It is likely that many of these studies will be future large scale paintings. More to follow...

"Epiphany"(study) - oil on canvas board 9x12

"The Way North" (study) - oil on canvas 9x12

"Far Side"(study) - oil on canvas 9x12

"Walking Back"(study) - oil on canvas 9x12

"Occlude Transition"(study) - oil on canvas 9x12

Pricing for 9x12 studies is $149.00 and includes standard ground shipping.
Studies are fully varnished and unframed.
For any other pricing inquiries, e-mail : mikeriderart@netscape.net