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About the Artist

"Self Portrait" - pencil

is originally from San Leandro, California.

He graduated from Arizona State University

with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing.

Photo by Kathleen Rider-Schlagel

He worked for several years as a character cleanup
animation artist at Fox Animation Studios and a key animation artist at Anvil Studios

in Phoenix, Arizona on many animated films:

Anastasia (named individually in film credits)-nominated for an Academy Award

Bartok the Magnificent
(named individually in film credits)
Titan AE
(named individually in film credits)
Prince Of Egypt
(Fox studio named in film credits)
Eight Crazy Nights
(Anvil studio named in film credits)
(Anvil studio named in film credits)
Birdman: Attorney At Law
(Anvil studio named in TV credits.

Photo by Caryssa Rider

MichaelRider currently teaches drawing and animation at The Art Institute of Phoenix.